IASA-ARSC Conference 2001 (11K)

The British Library, 22-28 September

Preliminary Programme

Note: This programme is provisional and will be subject to additions, changes and amendments. It was last amended on 13 July 2001. All sessions are open to all delegates except where indicated.

Saturday 22 September

British Library Conference Centre: meeting rooms 1-4

0930-1800 IASA Executive Board meeting (closed)

0930-1800 IASA Task Force on Selection (closed)

Sunday 23 September

British Library Conference Centre: meeting rooms 1-4

1100-1800 ARSC Board meeting (closed)

1100-1800 IASA Executive Board meeting and committee/section meetings (closed)

1300-1500 IASA Discography Committee open session

1630-1800 Newcomer session

British Library Foyer

1830-2000 Opening reception

Monday 24 September

British Library Conference Centre: main auditorium.

Note: delegates will have access to the conference centre from 0845 am on Monday 24 September

0930-1000 Opening session
Lynne Brindley (Chief Executive, The British Library): Welcome to delegates

1000-1100 IASA General Assembly I (IASA only)

1130-1300 AV collections and national and cultural identity (1)
Ilse Assmann (South African Broadcasting): South African renaissance and a call to reality
Bala Saho (Gambian National Council for Arts and Culture): The role of the Research and Documentation Division in Gambian national culture
Maxwell Addo (International Centre for African Music and Dance, Accra, Ghana): Beyond collection: current trends in the ICAMD audio-visual archive

1430-1600 Itís my collection and Iím proud of it (1)
James McCarthy (former president, IASA): Music from a Wide Brown Land: the original film music collection at Film Australia
Nicole Blain (CBC): The Clyde Gilmour Archive at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Music Library
Chris Strachwitz (Arhoolie Records): The future for my collection of Mexican and Mexican-American recordings

1630-1800 Technical issues
Bill Klinger (Cylinder Subcommittee, ARSC Technical Committee): The ARSC Guidelines for Cylinder Playback Equipment
Dietrich Schuller (IASA Technical Committee): Safeguarding the audio-visual heritage Ė an introduction to the new edition of TC03 (subject to confirmation)
Don McLean The restoration of recordings of early mechanically scanned television pictures

British Library Conference Centre: meeting rooms 1-4

1030-1130 ARSC breakaway session
Tony Barker/Dominic Combe: Collecting and reissuing music hall cylinders on CD-R
Terry Wayland: 78rpm era company record sleeves project

0930-1730 Exhibitions and poster sessions: AV Archives in the UK
Steve Hussey (University of Cambridge): The archive of teacher memory
Joanne Stewardson (National Archive of Railway Oral History): Collecting the unwritten history of the railways
National Sound Archive curatorial staff: The collections of the National Sound Archive
Beth Thomas (Museum of Welsh Life, National Museums and Galleries in Wales)
Cathlin Macaulay (School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh)
John Riley (British Universities Film and Video Council): TRILT: Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching Society of Archivists Audio-Visual Group: exhibition

The Imperial War Museum, London SE1

1900-2100 Joint reception with FIAT (the TV archivistsí international association)- still subject to confirmation

Tuesday 25 September

British Library Conference Centre (opens 0915): main auditorium

0930-1100 Broadcasting collections
Majella Breen/ John McDonagh (RadioTelefis Eireann): Radio days: preserving 75 years of Irish radio
Phil Gries (Archival Television Audio): Private collections of TV soundtracks: the sole survivors
Sue Stinson (Syracuse University)/Joe Salerno: Broadcast collections at the Belfer Archive, Syracuse

1130-1300 AV collections and national and cultural identity (2)
Andrew Green (Head, National Library of Wales): The newly created National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales
Aldis Putelis (Archives of Latvian Folklore): Voices from the past, voices for the future - the audio collection of the ALF
Wolfgang Weber (Vorarlberg Archives): Demanding the Impossible? Building an oral history collection for the Vorarlberg Provincial Archives, Austria

British Library Conference Centre: meeting rooms 1-4

0930-1400 Exhibitions and poster sessions
Radio Telefis Eireann Archives: The first 75 years
Gerda Lechleitner (Phonogrammarchiv, Austrian Academy of Sciences): Sound documents from the Vienna Phonogrammarchiv: The complete historical collections 1899-1950
Bridget Carr (BSO Archive): Reissues of historic radio broadcasts by the Boston Symphony Orchestra
Suresh Chandvankar (Secretary, Society of Indian Record Collectors, Mumbai): Record labels of India
Brian Capon: CLOR (Computer listing of opera recordings)
Carol Radovich: The Rockefeller Archive Center survey of Film, Television and Radio material in its collections

Various locations

1400-1800 Professional visits
BBC Sound Archive Preservation Project
The EMI Sound Archive
The audio collections of the Imperial War Museum
BBC Sound Archives at Broadcasting House

Wednesday 26 September

British Library Conference Centre (opens 0915): main auditorium

0930-1100 Itís my collection and Iím proud of it (2)
Christobal Diaz (Fundacion Musicalia Puerto Rico): assembling, researching and depositing my audio collection
Carlos Hagen-Lautrup (Chile/US/Iceland): collecting for educational use in a restrictive copyright environment
David Barnes (Archive owner) and Tony Russell (Editor, broadcaster and journalist, compiler of the CMF Discography of Country Music): The British Archive of Country Music (video presentation prepared for the conference)

1130-1300 AV collections and national and cultural identity (3)
Verena Alberti (Research and Documentation Center for Brazilian Contemporary History): personal archives and oral history in Brazilian contemporary history
Thomas Gadmer (University of Zurich): The sound of Swiss dialects - hidden treasures of the Zurich Phonogrammarchiv
Fero Horvath (Slovak Radio): Identification of sound documents in the archives of the Slovak Radio, Bratislava

1430-1630 Research
Jerry Fabris (Edison National Historic Site): Thomas Edison and the rise of jazz
Rainer Lotz: Two Jewish-owned record companies in Nazi Berlin, 1933-37
Peter Lewis (London School of Economics and UK Radio Studies Network): Buried treasure: making radio archives available for teaching
George Brock-Nannestad (Preservation Tactics) What can we collect? Reality and myth in audiovisual archiving

1700-1800 Discography
Brian Rust, Frank Andrews and Rainer Lotz: The ARSC Lifetime Award winners discuss recent work and publications

British Library Conference Centre: meeting rooms 1-4

0930-1800 Trade exhibitions, demonstrations and posters
Cube Technologies GmbH: Quadriga
Otari Europe GmbH: DAS
SIRSI Corporation: Library information systems

0930-1600 Technical workshop
0930-1300 Peter Copeland (British Library National Sound Archive): Getting back to the original sound on old recordings: hiss processing; neutralising distortion on acoustic recordings; synchronising two copies of a recording to optimise sound quality
14.30- 16.00 JŲrg Houpert (Cube Technologies): Archiving with Quadriga

1900-2100 Special joint meeting

Hosted by ARSC and the City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society (founded 1919): There will be a presentation by John Cowley: The Dollar and the Pound: West Indian calypsos from a British perspective in the 1950s

Thursday 27 September

Hamilton House: Mander Hall

0930-1100 AV collections and national and cultural identity (4)
Don Niles (Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies): Now that they're back, what do we do with them? The repatriation of early recordings to Papua New Guinea
Gisa Jšhnichen (ATML - National Library of Laos/Vientiane): Collecting principles and their obstacles, or how to collect "nothing"
Timkehet Teffera (Addis Abeba/Berlin): Preserving sound archives in the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at Addis Abeba University

1130-1230 Reissues
Panel discussion with reissue company owners and producers: What labels want from collectors: the importance of personal archives in reissue projects

1400-1500 Looking ahead
Kevin Bradley (NLA): Archiving the web at the National Library of Australia
Murray Weston (British Universities Film and Video Council): Enabling wider online access to collections

1530-1645 IASA General Assembly II (IASA only)

Hamilton House: committee room

1530-1645 ARSC business meeting (ARSC only)

116 Pall Mall

1900-2300 Farewell Dinner
Delegates are cordially invited to the Farewell Dinner (for which there will be a modest extra charge). 116 Pall Mall is a magnificent regency mansion designed by John Nash in 1820. There will be a short coach tour of places of interest near Pall Mall (Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, St Jamesís Palace, The Mall, Whitehall, The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey etc.) prior to the dinner, for those attending.

Friday 28 September

British Library: Panizzi Room

0930-1700 IASA Executive Board Meeting (closed)


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